La Plaine St. Andre

La Plaine St. Andre

Trois Frères Distillery (TFD), producers of Takamaka Bay Rum, have signed a long-term lease agreement with the Seychelles Heritage Foundation (SHF) to manage La Plaine Ste Andre property which will be their new premises.
The property, which is at Au Cap, and was previously known as Eco-Musée, dates back to 1792. It is currently being restored to its original splendour.

According to a communiqué, the SHF opened La Plain St André to tender late last year. TFD won and was subsequently awarded the property.
The board of directors of the SHF said on Tuesday that they are confident that the TDF development proposal to upgrade the facilities at the site, maintain its historical value, alongside their ordinary rum production business represents a sustainable project that will largely enhance the value of the site.

“We are also satisfied with the proposed involvement of the local community in the project, especially for local artists and craftsmen,” a communiqué from the SHF said.
The managing director of TFD, Richard d’Offay, said that the main house is more than halfway done and upon completion will remain as the main feature of the development through a museum highlighting the historical value of the estate.
The company will then immediately proceed to restore the outbuildings, bell tower, Petit Maison, which is situated to the left of the main house and the gardens.

Mr d’Offay also said that an array of tourist-friendly activities is planned upon completion of restoration towards the beginning of next year.

The main house will include a restaurant with the capacity to accommodate 50 people, an art gallery featuring creations from top Seychellois artists and a shop. Conference facilities are also due to be made available at the main house.
Mr d’Offay added that visitors will also be able to taste Takamaka Bay rum in addition to the enjoying guided tours of the historic site and various cultural activities that will be planned in conjunction with the SHF.

Besides creating an additional 20 jobs, he said that as a Seychellois company they understand the importance of preserving the national heritage for future generations, which was one of their major motivations for getting involved with this project.
The SHF which is seeking to promote heritage projects that are sustainable and that encourage both public and the private sector, believes that the project has the potential to be one of Seychelles’ most attractive cultural sites. This heritage site has it's own website which you can visit at