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Cultural heritage connects people to their history and creates bonds between the diverse communities, providing the basis for national integration, unity and prosperity.

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Benjamine Rose (Ms.)
Chief Executive Officer

Did you know?
On the 15th of March 1974, Seychelles first prefabricated school, Les Mamelles School was officially opened by the Minister of Social Affairs David Joubert. The construction of the school cost Rs. 860,000.
On the 26th July of 1926, the Governor in Executive Council enforced regulations that made it unlawful for any person to transport or remove coconut leaves from Mahe to any part of the Colony. This was to prevent other places in the colony from being infected with scale insects that had affected coconut plantations on Mahe.
On the 1st September of 1908, a society called La Charite was established for the purpose of raising by subscriptions and voluntary contributions, a fund for the relief and maintenance of the old, sick and infirm. Its creator was William Marshal Vaudin (1857-1919) the superintendent of public works.
On the 13th December of 1944, John Woodman assumed the administration of Seychelles as Acting Governor in the absence of Governor William Marston Logan who was on leave until the 15th of May of 1945. John woodman was the Chief Justice of Seychelles (1943-1947).
On 20th April of 1953, Mgr. Olivier Maradan blessed the school of La Misere which was then called D34Ecole du Sacre Coeur.
On the 23rd of May 1933, six members of the collateral branches of the Ahdali family of the sultan of Lahej, the protectorate of Aden arrived in Seychelles on exile aboard the S.S. Kenya. Two of them left in 1939, while the rest left in 1940.
On the 30th May of 1867, the British Botanist and Doctor, Percival Wright arrived at Mahe on the LEmyre, a boat of Messagerie Maritimes. During the six months that he spent here, Percival Wright explored the forested mountains of many islands including Aride where he discovered the bois citron known as Wrights gardenia. He left Seychelles on the 23rd November.
On the 21st August of 1964, the Seychelles Transport and General Workers Union was created. The union, affiliated to the Seychelles Peoples United Party would play an ever increasing role in the fight for Social justice in Seychelles.