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Cultural heritage connects people to their history and creates bonds between the diverse communities, providing the basis for national integration, unity and prosperity.

The Seychelles Heritage Foundation welcomes you to its website. This website is the ideal platform to showcase and promote different aspects of Seychelles cultural heritage and to encourage Seychellois across the world to embrace and celebrate their culture. The site also offers information and news about the functions, mandate, programmes and activities of Seychelles Heritage Foundation.

We look forward to public participation and engagement through our website in the hope of developing greater interest towards the promotion and protection of our cultural heritage assets.

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Did you know?
On the 1st December of 1972, the Coral Strand Hotel at Beau-Vallon was officially opened by Governor Sir Bruce Great Batch (1917-1989). It was the second modern tourist establishment to open after the Reef Hotel. In 1972, a total of 15,197 visitors came to Seychelles.
On the 15th September of 1965, Radio Seychelles made its first ever live broadcast of a cross country cycle race. For sport cycle and standard cycle Joseph Moses won in the sport cycle category taking 56 minutes to complete the 14 mile course. The standard cycle category was won by Joseph Azemia in 51 minutes.
On the 25th February of 1955, Daniel Varigault died in Italy. Born in Seychelles on the 26th April 1886, of a Seychelloise mother and a Reunionais father, he is known as one of the first Seychellois poets. After attending school at the St. Louis College, he went to Europe where he pursued his studies in England, France and Spain. One of his famous poem is entitled Si tu veux.
On the 18th November of 1970, the first meeting of the council of Ministers was held at the Government House. His Excellency Sir Bruce Greatbatch (1917-1989) handed the instruments of appointment to the Ministers and the members of the Council then took the Oath of Allegiance and the Oath of Office. The meeting followed general elections after which James Mancham (1935- ) was appointed Seychelles First Chief Minister.
On the 19th of April of 1964, Commandant Jacques Yves Cousteau (1910-1997) visited the Seychelles College where he received a souvenir from the leader of his eponymous House-Cousteau. There were 4 houses at the college then – Scott, Flemming, Hillary and Cousteau.
On the 11th June of 1978, the Oceangate House building was officially inaugurated by President France Albert Rene. Constructed on reclaimed land, it was among the first breed of modern buildings to sprout up in Victoria after Independence.
On the 20th June of 1961, a tax on land in the Colony of Seychelles was imposed at the rate of 40 cents per acre.
On the 29th December of 1923, a memorandum of an agreement was signed by the Governor of the Colony of Seychelles, Sir Joseph Aloysius Byrne (1814-1942). Mgr Justin Gumy (1869-1941) of the Catholic Mission and Reverend Henry Hope Buswell of the Anglican Church, to transfer two government free schools in Victoria to the two missions who would administer them as grant-in-aid schools.